Our Story

Mini Shatsu began over thirty years ago with a boy and some unassuming white cotton tees.  With rows of stacked cardboard boxes as his makeshift workstation, and cans of spray paint and Sharpies in hand, that boy went to work and dreamed up some of the coolest tee shirts E-V-E-R!

Growing up in the 80's near Hollywood, where everything was larger than life, there certainly was no shortage of inspirations when it came to designing tee shirts. All one needed to do was step outside, look, and listen. From rap to rock, beatbox to breaking, hoops to skateboarding, mohawks to tattoos, those that did it right, did it big. Big hair, big earrings, "gi-normous" boom boxes, loud music, and even louder outfits. In those days, bigger was indeed better. And original and homemade tees were big and loud in a quirky kind of way.

Over the years tee shirts have evolved to become the canvas of choice for many looking for a creative outlet. After over a decade in the baby and juvenile products industry, the boy found himself gravitating back towards that tee shaped canvas. The nostalgia of it all led him back to where he first started... and started he did. A line called Mini Shatsu was born.

"Shatsu" is a Japanese word meaning "shirt". Mini Shatsu or "mini shirt" is not just another line of tee shirts for kids and babies. It is, rather, a line of life-inspired clothing brought down to size to fit the most prized members of your family. While the shirts are no longer homemade or one-of-a-kind, Mini Shatsu shirts are still very unique and very limited, usually with only a few hundred shirts produced for each design.